Do you believe the moon landings were fake?

The assassination of JFK was a mob hit with multiple shooters?

Aliens and UFOs are being studied at Area 51?

Sure, a lot of people believe a lot of things — even outlandish things — and it’s no different when it comes to medicine.

A new study in the JAMA Internal Medicine surveyed a group of 1,500 people and find at least 50 percent of people believe in at least one crazy, totally disproven, “scientific” conspiracy.

And don’t take offense at the word “crazy,” but these six theories have been studied and debunked so many times, if you still believe them, I’d like to know what it would take to convince you otherwise.

Here they are:

– 33% believe the FDA deliberately keeps cures for cancer off of the market because it would hurt hospital and doctors’ incomes.

– 20% believe cellphones cause cancer, but are still approved so manufacturers can make a money

– 20% believe vaccines cause autism — but are still used since pulling the immunizations would cut into drug company profits

– 12% believe that African Americans were deliberately infected by the CIA with HIV for racist reasons

– 12% believe genetically modified foods are approved in order to kill people, and therefore reduce overpopulation

– 12% believe water is fluorinated to mask pollution

For each so-called “study” that claims any of the above is true, there is no less than 100 that show the claim is bunk.

Yet true conspiracy theorists continue to believe what they wish no matter the evidence presented to them. And the evidence is there.

The study showed most of these folks get their health information from family, friends, the Internet, celebrities and celebrity doctors who have radio and TV shows.

They also tend to avoid routine checkups, mammograms, pap smears and flu shots.

They also tend to self treat with supplements and herbs.

I guess you can believe what you wish — care for yourself as you wish. Your choice.

But science is science. Not always perfect, but more perfect than these theories.

So when you wake up in the morning and see that beautiful sunrise, it’s okay if you say it rose in the west. Just don’t tell me I need to believe that, or yell at me when I don’t.

The same goes for your theories about medicine.


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