CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Classmates showing support for a young boy with a debilitating condition gathered for a flash mob Tuesday afternoon.

All it took was a lot of energy and creativity at Cherry Hills Village Elementary as students chanted Ryan Dunne’s name.

Ryan Dunne (credit: CBS)

Ryan Dunne (credit: CBS)

Ryan has muscular dystrophy. The flash mob was held to get the Food and Drug Administration’s attention to his need for a new, unapproved drug that could help him better cope with his disease.

“There are drugs available that he could be on today and the FDA has yet to take action to grant approval to these drugs and they need to do it now. We are running out of time,” Ryan’s mother Jennifer Dunne said.

Ryan’s friends danced to the song “Happy.”

Those who would like to sign the petition to get the drug approved for Ryan, visit


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