DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– Law enforcement worked together with one goal in mind during Wednesday morning’s kidnapping and chase over 75 miles along the Front Range: capture the suspect without compromising public safety.

Ryan Stone, 28, was captured after an hour-long car chase that included multiple carjackings, (Full Story) one with a 4-year-old boy in the vehicle, and is expected to face kidnapping and carjacking charges. A state trooper was also injured.

Ryan Stone (credit: Longmont Police)

Ryan Stone (credit: Longmont Police)

“Most importantly what we’re trying to do is make sure citizens were safe but we could still apprehend this guy, he was not going to stop committing crimes,” said Douglas County Undersheriff Tony Spurlock.

Despite a child hostage in one of the carjacked vehicles and an injured state trooper, no one else was seriously hurt of killed.

“You are placing the public in jeopardy in any kind of pursuit situation,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink.

Every jurisdiction has their own guidelines but finding the balance is the key.

“You have to gauge the need of apprehension against the public’s safety, that’s the basic foundation of all pursuit policies,” said Mink.

Other factors like weather conditions, traffic volume and what the suspect is wanted for all play a role in how police will proceed.

Tactics like stop sticks and even a pit maneuver must be carefully planned out.

“When is it safe to do it, when is it not safe to do it, who are you putting in jeopardy,” said Mink.

All of the agencies involved will review the actions taken by officers to see if they followed the correct guidelines and protocols.

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