DENVER (CBS4) – Another CBS4 viewer says buying a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies is costing her hundreds of dollars.

Last week CBS4 reported on a Colorado man, who due to a banking error, got sent to a collections agency. A woman in the new case contacted CBS4 after seeing the first story.

CBS4 has received multiple calls from frustrated cookie consumers who say writing a check has ended up costing them dearly for different reasons. In this latest case, the bank error is now up to $800.

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Linda Rozycki says she’s involved in an expensive mix-up over two boxes of Thin Mints. Several days after writing an $8 check to the Girls Scouts, she said it was processed for $800.

“I couldn’t pay my mortgage, I couldn’t pay my cellphone bill, I couldn’t pay my March bills,” Rozycki said. “If I don’t’ pay my credit card bill on time I get hit with a late fee, and so it’s a whole domino effect.”

Rozycki’s bank is now trying to determine if someone fraudulently altered her check or if it was misread by an electronic reader. Either way the transaction drained her checking account and overdraft protection.

The Girls Scouts says their organization “has had no involvement with whatever bank error transpired to cause this problem. This is not a bad debt situation, it’s a really bad bank error.”

Rozycki believes both the Girl Scouts and their bank should help her reconcile the expensive problem, especially since her check is now missing as well.

“Surely someone would have noticed at the Girl Scouts that they had $800 more in their account,” Rozycki said.

Royzycki is frustrated her problem isn’t getting solved fast enough to cover her bills. She says her own personal banker seems to think the issue is funny by noting in the fraud investigation report, “Must be really tasty cookies.”

“From the very first phone call all the way through dealing with the personal banker at my bank I heard jokes about, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s a whole lot of Girl Scout cookies,” she said. “When you are in the throes of this, you are not in the loop.”

The Girl Scouts told CBS4 they got together with Wells Fargo bank officials and found an error with how the check was written, but said they will refund Royzycki  the money.


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