NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Frozen Dead Guy Days is back on in Nederland despite devastating floods that ripped through the region six months ago.

Frozen Dead Guy Days is a Colorado tradition that dates back more than a decade in Nederland. Festivities include coffin races, music and zombie bike rides, but this year the festival is resurrecting the region.

Rustic Moose Owner Wendy Beggs says she can see the life coming back to her store.

“We felt fortunate up here compared to some surrounding towns, but we did notice definitely a drop in traffic when people weren’t able to get up here,” said Beggs.

Boulder Canyon was shut down for several weeks following the flood.

“I think people thought we were closed and weren’t here anymore,” said Beggs.

Ian Gillespie and his wife just rented out a space for their store when the floods washed through.

“We were kind of freaked out about the whole thing, but like I said the canyon was open within a month,” said Gillespie.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets again for the festival bringing in tourism dollars to the small community and letting everyone know that Nederland is still alive.

“It’s nice to have this festival because people realize, yeah we’re still up here. We’re still getting ski traffic, but it’s been tough. It has been a tough year,” said Beggs.

Federal Emergency Management Administration Agency leaders also said they’ve provided about $52 million in disaster aid to flood ravaged cities around Colorado.

The Frozen Dead Guy Days festival runs through Sunday.

LINK: Frozen Dead Guy Days Photo Gallery