DENVER (CBS4)– The latest round of freezing and thawing will mean even more potholes in the Denver metro area for a while until the snow stops falling and temperatures even out.

Potholes are a big nuisance for drivers every spring in Colorado.

“We’re heading into the spring construction season and with the fluctuating temperatures getting really hot and really cold quickly this is about the time of year that you’re going to start seeing a lot of potholes out there,” said Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Crystal Morgan.

The cavities in the roads are caused by moisture and traffic. This year they’re cropping up a little earlier than usual. April typically marks the advent of bigger potholes. Crews are already preparing for an especially busy pothole repair season.

“We’ve had situations so far this season where we’ve had to get out there and perform emergency pothole repairs in a pothole that didn’t exist yesterday so it can happen very quickly in certain areas,” said Morgan.

CDOT said they appreciate the public’s help in identifying the roadway hazards.

“We like to get out there and repair them as quickly as possible. Those potholes can grow very quickly and they do become a hazard to drivers in the area,” said Morgan.


In Denver drivers are urged to call 311 to report potholes.

You can report potholes outside of Denver by contacting the appropriate county. In area code 303, call: Unincorporated Jefferson County 271-5200; Adams County 853-7137; Broomfield County 438-6360; Golden County 215-8882 x2901; Boulder County; Douglas County 660-7480; Aurora County 326-8200, and in area code 970, call: Arapahoe County 874-7623 and Fort Collins 221-6614.


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