WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – There’s an interesting scene in one small community in Northern Colorado — an odd-looking truck is shaking things up.

Crews are putting together a 3D picture of the ground underneath the town of Windsor. The picture becomes a tool for drilling companies that shows them where to find oil and gas.

A line of trucks made their way through downtown Windsor on Thursday. Pads at the bottom of the trucks hit the ground and send frequencies 10,000 feet down. The vibrations were strong enough to shake a CBS4 camera.

When the energy hits a structure underground, crews measure the sound waves that bounce back up.

The company doing the work is called Geokinetics, which says even if they find oil and gas in the town’s center and beneath homes, companies would not drill there.

“It helps to have a picture of what’s underneath the town of Windsor, and what some companies do, they’ll have a pad sight permitted outside of the town, and then they can do vertical and horizontal drilling if they find a location under the town.” Bob Smith with Geokinetics said.

They’ve been surveying an area that’s about 12 miles long and plan to wrap up work next week.

The company says it conducted a similar survey in Greeley last year.

Results go to a company in Texas that supplies 3D maps to oil and gas companies.


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