DENVER (CBS4) – The recent entrance of Bob Beauprez makes for a total of seven Colorado Republicans now vying for the nomination for governor.

“Out of that group no one has emerged as a clear favorite,” said veteran Republican strategist Katy Atkinson.

Atkinson thinks had Beauprez jumped in earlier he might have cleared the field like Cory Gardner has essentially done in the Senate race.

“His entry doesn’t have the same impact as Cory Gardner’s does,” said Atkinson.

DOMINIC DEZZUTTI’S BLOG: Beauprez Isn’t Scaring Anyone Yet

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, the most controversial candidate, is the front-runner right now. As a tea partyer he doesn’t have to worry about Beauprez siphoning any of his votes, but other candidates do.

This is the second time Tancredo and Beauprez have run for governor.

Atkinson said the party’s problem, in part, is that they have a bench one deep in Cory Gardner.

“I think the Republican Party needs to take one of two statewide seats,” said Atkinson, who feels the party risks maintaining vitality and relevance otherwise.

Beauprez, who lost in large part due to self-inflicted wounds in 2006, said he’s a different candidate today.

“Not everything in my life has gone perfectly. I’ve stubbed a toe a couple times and 2006 was one of the toughest. But you learn from mistakes and I think that’s part of that book of experience that I bring,” said Beauprez.

Beauprez made his announcement on the same day as the precinct caucuses. He, like many candidates, is bypassing the caucus system which allows the party to choose the candidates and petitioning to get on the ballot.

Beauprez needs 1,500 signatures from each of the seven congressional districts by the end of the month.

The primary takes place at the end of June.

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