DENVER (CBS4) – Ukrainian Americans in Colorado are offering prayers and support to their native country.

Sunday’s service at a Byzantine Catholic Church in Denver made special note of the political unrest happening in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is one of the countries where our church comes from. In a sense it’s our homeland, our father land,” said Father Michael O’Loughlin

Though geographically far, the issue hits close to home with many patrons and clergy alike having family and friends trapped in the turmoil.

“They are just getting more and more worried as every day goes by,” said O’Loughlin.

O’Loughlin said they felt it was important to take time to pray for Ukraine, prayers that the people of can find peace in a country with so many people.

“Just for things to calm down and people to live with one another,” said attendee Russ Haas.

They pray for a peace that won’t come at a cost splitting the country or even war, resulting in even more loss of life.

“I’m praying that more than factioning, more than separation and more than war, people are going to desire peace,” said O’Loughlin

The church plans to hold more special services this week to address the growing crisis in Ukraine.


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