DENVER (CBS4) – A man was sentenced Friday to a long prison term in a case CBS4 has called “Stolen Homes.” CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger exposed the problem more than two years ago.

There were tears and anger at Friday’s sentencing. Alfonso Carrillo was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Judge Morris Hoffman said he was embarrassed as a human being that another human could commit such a crime.

Alfonso Carrillo (credit: Denver DA)

Alfonso Carrillo (credit: Denver DA)

CBS4’s investigation began with Larry Asbery in Aurora. He returned home from a long hospital stay to find people living in his house. It took months, but he finally got the people evicted. The tenants told Sallinger they had been duped and had gotten the house through a man named Alfonso Carrillo. The week after Asbery moved in the home he regained he passed away.

That’s where the trail led. Sallinger learned he and associates would break in and post no trespassing signs, and then sell or rent the houses — at least 150 of them.

They targeted some spectacular homes in the mountains.

At the same time Sallinger was investigating so too was Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey. Carrillo was convicted of crimes from racketeering to burglary. Victims testified at the sentencing that Carrillo promised them they could own the homes under an old law called “Adverse Possession,” but were eventually evicted.

Lena Majhaldiani owned one of the homes that was occupied.

“I think (the sentence) is very good, but you know what? Nothing will help him,” Majhaldiani said.

Carrillo’s wife was charged as well, but acquitted. She left court in tears.

A handcuffed and shackled Carrillo addressed the court claiming he was the victim of lies and doctored evidence. The judge said the victims were “promised the American dream and you snatched it from them.”

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