DENVER, (CBS4) – Jobs and education are the hot topics at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington this weekend.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper hoped taking his ideas from here to Washington will help improve education and jobs around the country.

“We love to share and steal ideas from each other and see them improved, and we steal them back,” said Hickenlooper.

On Sunday Hickenlooper and his colleagues worked hard discussing how to improve education and jobs.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I think what we as governor’s have to do, and we’re doing this in many of our states, we’re asking our universities and high schools to start training kids in those areas in which you can actually get a job,” said Gov. Pat McCrory from North Carolina.

According to the Colorado Department of Labor, in December the unemployment rate in Colorado was at 6.2 percent compared to the 6.7 percent nationally.

Many governors believe filling the skills gap for jobs in manufacturing, welding and engineering will help.

“We have to show employers they’re well trained, well prepared potential employees. Kids deserve a great education, and that’s a key part of growing our nation’s economy,” said Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin.

“We need to have high expectations of kids, and they’ll perform when you do,” said Gov. Dave Heineman from Nebraska.

Hickenlooper echoes that, wanting every student to get a world class education.

“There’s not a person up here who hasn’t contributed to moving the ball down the field in that effort,” said Hickenlooper.

Another topic discussed on Monday was the future of state disaster response around the country.

The conference will wrap up on Monday.


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