VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – Two people survived after their car plunged over Interstate 70 at Vail Pass and one victim is still in the hospital.

The car plummeted more than 100 feet over the side of Vail Pass last week.

Cristel McNeil’s mother was in the driver’s seat and both her and her passenger were trapped inside the vehicle.

It took a massive effort from the Vail Fire Department to bring McNeil’s mother and her passenger to safety.

Inside the car McNeil was able to reach her mother by phone.

“It was relief but then again it was heartache because I knew that I could not do anything,” said McNeil.

After two hours the victims were removed from the car and rushed to a hospital.

McNeil’s mother broke her back in two places while her passenger had minor injuries.

“He was actually checked out and released. He just has minor back pain,” said McNeil.

Rescuers said the large amount of snow must have cushioned the impact and likely saved both their lives.

“Everybody at the Vail hospital and the rescuers were stunned,” said McNeil.

McNeil said her family is also stunned but above all grateful things didn’t turn out differently.

She said the injury to her mother’s back is healing quickly and when she is fully recovered she says she would like to thank those rescuers that pulled her to safety.


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