DENVER (CBS4) – Police are on the lookout for thieves who allegedly follow delivery trucks and then steal packages from the front porches of homes.

This is a crime that usually happens around Christmas when many packages are being delivered.

However, in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood it seems the so-called “Porch Pirates” strike year round.

One Saturday afternoon in February a Fed Ex driver dropped off some packages at a home in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood.

The home’s security camera captured someone approaching the house shortly after the delivery that grabbed two of the three packages and then walked off.

“This is an unfortunate crime we are seeing,” said neighborhood resident Cristen.

Cristen said that thieves have snatched packages from her front door six times in the last two months.

“We noticed packages started going missing. over the course of a few months different items would not show up. When we followed up with the various companies they said they had been delivered and we never got them,” said Cristen.

Denver police said that in southeast Denver thieves have struck 14 times since the start of the year.

“That is probably part of their M.O. there are some that would follow a truck for a package that sits around for 30 minutes or so,” said Denver Police Comm. Joe Montoya.

Detectives hope with the help of the security footage the thief can be stopped before he steals again.

According to police this is a hard crime to solve because they need the license plate number of the thief and then they need to be able to connect that person to the stolen package or packages to be able to prosecute the case.


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