DENVER (CBS4) – High winds knocked down trees and caused other problems across the state on Friday.

Wind speeds in the foothills were above 40 mph in some areas.

Boulder residents Bonnie and Orville Harms woke up to find their 40 foot evergreen had snapped in half and was lying in the middle of the street.

“I came out to check on things and there was the tree,” said Orville.

Tree branches and other debris were blown around the city as gusts blasted through the area.

In Denver, investigators are trying to figure out if the wind may have caused a window in a Denver skyrise to shatter sending shards of glass flying onto 16th Street, injuring at least one person.

“You can make some assumptions. There were some winds here today but I can’t say for sure what caused it,” said David McGrail from Denver Police.

Winds continued to cause problems in Fort Collins where fire officials were quick to respond to a small grass fire. The wind pushed it through about five acres before it was contained.

Winds are also to blame for the more 3,000 customers who lost power overnight.

As of Friday night everything is back up and running and the wind was settling down.


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