SEDALIA, Colo. (CBS4) – Approximately 50 firefighters were on the scene of a large house fire that broke out near the town of Sedalia Thursday morning.

The fire broke out at a house located in the 1100 block of Cathedral Rock Drive, about 5 miles west of Sedalia.

An image of the fire (credit: South Metro Fire)

An image of the fire (credit: South Metro Fire)

More than 40 firefighters from West Douglas, Littleton, Larkspur, South Metro, Jackson 105, and Franktown were battling the fire.

“They were inside for roughly 20 minutes when conditions became unsafe from the high winds pushing the fire through the attic space,” said South Metro Fire spokesman Eric Hurst.

The owner of the home, Randy Hobbs, said his wife was the only person in the home when the fire broke out around 8 a.m. She made it out safely but the home is a total loss.

“It was flaming on the backside of the house on the roof level and moving across,” Hobbs said. “(I) sat and watched it burn … really hard (to watch), but there were no lives lost, nobody was hurt.”

Crews were still working to put the fire out at noon. The high winds forced them to retreat from the fire at one point. Trying to get water to the rural area has also been a challenge.

“A lot of things that can’t be replaced, pictures from 61 years of life… but it goes on,” said Hobbs.

Fire officials have yet to determine the cause of the fire but believe it started in the attic and was fuel by the winds.

“We actually have to have water trucks bring all the water that they’re using to fight the fire to the scene which makes this a very long drawn out process,” said Hurst.

Thousands of gallons were trucked in but not before everything was lost.

Hobbs said there is only one thing left to do, “Rebuild, move on… you know, pick up the pieces.”

Firefighters said mitigation surrounding the home did keep the fire from spreading. What caused the fire is still being investigated.


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