DENVER (CBS4) – Three new Trader Joe’s stores in Colorado are drawing big crowds in their first full week of being open, but the Denver location comes with a hassle — finding a parking spot.

The store is located at Colorado Boulevard and 8th Avenue and navigating the parking lot is proving to be a challenge. People parking where they shouldn’t can be costly for them.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It’s an absolute zoo,” shopper Peter Colussy said.

Colussy and Willie Recht parked blocks away and walked. One stayed with the cart while the other brought the car around. Friends had warned them about vehicles being towed.

“(They are) $275 tickets to get the cars back out of towing, so it’s been a real problem,” Colussy said.

It’s a problem for those who ignore the signs. Nearby businesses have parking spots for their customers only. Some Trader Joe’s enthusiasts read the warning and move out. One woman didn’t.

“It’s just the streets are crowded and the parking lot is small and we were kind of in a hurry,” the woman said.

Other shoppers didn’t want to gamble and parked blocks away.

It’s still just the first week for the new Trader Joe’s. The hope is once the novelty wears off the 89 parking spots in the lot will be enough.


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