AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A Boulder couple had their puppy stolen when they left it inside a friend’s car Thursday night.

The 15-week-old puppy named Indigo disappeared with the car that was parked at a McDonald’s in Aurora.

“We just pray that he’s returned home safely and we’d really appreciate if people keep their eyes out for us,” said Gabrielle Wescott-Shamis, one of Indigo’s owners.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

On Thursday the couple’s car had been totaled so their friend, Garret, offered to give the couple a ride home to Boulder. They first stopped at the McDonald’s near Colfax Avenue and Fulton Street around 7 p.m. There the couple said a strange man was watching their friend.

“There was a strange-looking guy, it looked like he may have been on some drugs, eyeing him and giving him a really weird look,” said Wescott-Shamis.

Moments later a witness shouted out that someone was stealing the car; an older model red Toyota Corolla with temporary license plate 151734L. At the time of the theft Indigo was inside the vehicle along with the keys.

“He left them in the center console thinking that they would be safe and the person must’ve seen him put them in there,” said Wescott-Shamis.

Indigo was a Christmas present and the puppy’s owners are devastated at his disappearance.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It just feels like all hope is lost, the worse feeling of my entire life. We love our dog more than anything else,” said Wescott-Shamis.

So far efforts to find the puppy have gone nowhere.

“We’re just terrified because he’s so young. He’s not much of a barker either, which scares us since if he abandoned the car somewhere and the puppy is inside he’s not going to make a lot of noise so people may not notice him,” said Wescott-Shamis.

The puppy is an Australian Shepherd with a cropped tail wearing a dog tag giving his name and the owner’s name, Shamis.

The man who allegedly stole the car is described as a white male in his late 40s with curly brown hair.

Additional Information From Aurora Police

If anyone has information about this case we are asking them to call the East Metro Auto Theft Team (EMATT) tip line at (303) 739-1699.