DENVER (CBS4) – Engineers are examining the structure of a garage after the roof collapsed on vehicles near 9th Avenue and Eudora Street Monday night.

Structural engineers on site at Park Mayfair Condos haven’t said much yet about how the collapse occurred, and building management says they won’t have a comment until they see the engineer’s report.

An image from the collapse (credit: Jim Jensen)

An image from the collapse (credit: Jim Jensen)

Neighbors and tenants say between five and 10 cars were destroyed in the collapse of the roof over the underground garage. They say the cement beam that holds up one side of the parking lot roof just gave way. It happened in a two level garage that’s under other parking spots.

Some residents were frustrated while others were relieved no one was hurt.

“It’s kind of surreal, but again, things happen and it’s just a car, no lives taken, so it’s okay,” tenant Jean Iguatemy said.

“I felt sorry about people whose cars were downstairs, but also I felt worried not to get to work on time,” tenant Sara Tabatabaie said.

Some of the people who parked in the underground parking lot have been allowed to move their vehicles, but those in the lot just above the collapse haven’t been allowed to retrieve their car.