There are a million and one bases that need to be covered when hosting a Super Bowl, and this year’s brings a super challenge.

How do you take care of fans when transport in and out of the stadium area is clogged, congested and in essence not allowed?

Think about it. Say you twist an ankle, have an asthma attack, or get chest pain? You can’t exactly have someone pull your car up to the nearest exit, hop in, and head to a nearby hospital.

That’s where Hackensack University Medical Center’s “portable ER” comes into play.

Super Bowl ER (credit: Hackensack University)

Super Bowl ER (credit: Hackensack University)

It’s basically a 48 foot long tractor-trailer (with sides that expand out — sort of like a pop out camper) and it has got staff and equipment to take care of a lot of emergencies, semi emergencies, and injuries that people sustain when they drink too much beer and eat too many nachos.

Its got seven emergency beds, X-ray, ultrasound, heart monitoring, oxygen, medications — basically a mini-ER on a lot of wheels.

The unit has been on site at the stadium all week, and has been used before at other sporting events— and non-sporting incidents where being mobile is key — such as during Hurricane Sandy.

With today’s game, the staff is capable of taking care of almost anything — and if there’s a need for more complicated care, the main hospital is only 4 and a half miles away.

Hopefully though, this mobile ER wont get a lot of business. But it’s nice to know at a big time event like the Super Bowl, medical care comes to you, not the other way around.

Mobile ER AT The Super Bowl

Mobile ER AT The Super Bowl (credit: Hackensack University)


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