EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBS4) – Security efforts will cover land, water and air on Super Bowl Sunday and fans will see hundreds of officers and NFL security guards everywhere they look.

The Department of Homeland Security and Amtrak police are monitoring public transportation while New Jersey State Police are keeping watch over the water.

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“Security doesn’t just start or end at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, it stretches out the Hudson River and across the Hudson River of course,” said Col. Rick Fuentes from New Jersey State Police.

A 44-foot Homeland Security boat patrols the river, focused on the area where the team’s hotels are located.

The vessel has infrared capability, underwater detection and even night vision.

“We established a security zone between our team hotels looking for anybody trying to cause disruption and be sure we are protecting,” said Lt. Col. Edward Cetnar.

At MetLife Stadium itself, a command hub housing several agencies is the nerve center for the security operation.

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Cameras around the stadium and on a helicopter will transmit images to a wall of screens and displays. The copter is even equipped with night vision and a SWAT team that includes a sniper.

Screening all the fans as they head to the stadium will be another undertaking. Vehicles that pass through the 300 foot perimeter will be carefully checked.

The stadium has been on lockdown for the last week.

“Every vehicle that goes through or goes in to that property since midnight Sunday goes through some thermal imaging and x-ray technology to check the vehicle,” said Fuentes.

It’s been an undertaking that rivals other large scale public events but all of the agencies involved say they couldn’t be more prepared.

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“Just the Seahawks and the Broncos, we are ready for what we have to do on Sunday which is the most important event that we have going on,” said Aaron Ford form Newark FBI.