DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are taking extra precautions when it comes to security on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Denver Police Department said that they’re going to be temporarily moving some of their HALO security cameras to the downtown area.

For safety reasons police didn’t say exactly how many more cameras or where they will be placed.

Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson said they have to look at the city as a whole but the downtown area has been a problem in the past and patrons planning to celebrate there should expect to see more security.

“It’s good business, it’s basically saying, ‘We are all one city, we’re here for you to enjoy the city and enjoy it safely. You know when you come down there will be officers down there, it’s for your safety,’ ” said Jackson.

Hundreds of officers that had their days off scheduled for Sunday are now working so they can be on hand to deal with potential post Super Bowl issues.


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