NEW YORK (CBS4) – Many kids dream about being pro football players, but not many likely dream about being a referee. Parents looking to give their children a different perspective on football may find just that at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

From the pee wee fields to the bright lights of the NFL, football referees have one tough job.

“It’s harder than it seems, everyone thinks they know the right call and everybody thinks it’s easy,” youth football ref Manny Moran said.

Moran is helping out at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and their “You Make the Call” exhibit.

Kids can run through an obstacle course.

“We’ve seen some very creative end zone celebrations,” a museum official said.

The can make their own penalty flags, learn all the calls and even get inside the instant replay booth.

“We’re trying to teach them that from different perspectives you can see a completely different outcome,” an instructor said.

Seeing plays on monitors helps kids make decisions.

Children also burn some energy. If they combine all the calls refs make, they get to watch the “Zebra Dance.”

Many of the kids won’t be NFL refs, but there is hope they’ll be football fans for life.

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