DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are investigating a towing company after National Western Stock Show visitors said their vehicles were illegally towed.

Visitors said they were parked in legal spots but returned to find their vehicles gone.

“I was scared, it was late at night, it started to snow,” said victim Jan Weisman.

Weisman said on Sunday she and her family parked in an open space on Chestnut Place to attend the stock show.

Later when they returned, they saw their cars had been towed.

“Our cars were gone. We had to go to the stock show and each pay $260 to get our cars out of the lot,” said Weisman.

Weisman said when they came back a new sign had been placed on the fence from the towing company “303 Recovery And Investigations.”

Eleven other cars were also towed.

Weisman, who is visiting from California, called the number on the sign and reluctantly paid the money.

“We told the guy the sign wasn’t up there. He didn’t deny it. I said, ‘you should be ashamed of yourself. You know that’s against the law.’ He didn’t say anything, but he took my money,” said Weisman.

Across the street at the “Welcome Inn” tavern, several people said they saw a man put up the sign long after people had parked.

“We’ve never seen that sign there before ever,” said a witness.

After getting her car back Weisman called police.

“The officer came out and he called the owner of the private property here. She said there are no signs allowed to be put on the property,” said Weisman.

The towing company currently has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The rating includes allegations that people were towed while still inside their cars.

Denver detectives are now investigating the case to determine if charges should be filed.

“What he’s doing is theft. He stole from me and 12 other people,” said Weisman.

The company could face charges ranging from auto theft to fraud.


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