DEVER (CBS4) – Severe weather could change the date and time of this year’s Super Bowl.

The game is currently set for Sunday, February 2 and the forecast for kickoff is 33 degrees with some snow and rain.

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Unless there is a severe weather event the game will go on as scheduled.

However, NFL officials said that they have a plan in place should catastrophic weather force them to change the date of the game.

Denver Broncos fan Paul Talbot is preparing for the worst by planning ahead and booking flights for every possible scenario.

“Just taking a big suitcase, we’re expecting the weather to be anywhere from 20 to 35 degrees. It could rain, it could snow, it could do all of those things,” said Talbot.

The NFL said the game could be moved up to Friday or Saturday or it could be delayed until Monday.

“Without knowing exactly when the game is going to be, it could be very frustrating for me and the people that are going,” said Talbot.

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Broncos fan Maggie Sanders said that despite the hassle of changing the date, it’s unthinkable to think the game might be played any other day of the week.

“It’s Super Bowl Sunday, I think Vince Lombardi would roll over in his grave. The Vince Lombardi trophy came from Lambeau Field and it’s the coldest stadium in football,” said Sanders.

Both fans agree that the date of the game simply can’t change.

“Unless you can’t see them snap the ball, I think they should play in it. Just the way it is,” said Sanders.

The NFL said a date change would be announced 48 hours before kickoff.

The time of the game could also change 24 hours before kickoff.

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The Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.