CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – A new way of detecting cavities may help reduce the amount of drilling needed for treatment.

It’s called the Spectra, and it’s basically a tiny camera in a wand that takes a picture of each tooth.

The technology combines fluorescent light and imaging software. Like doppler radar shows precipitation for weather forecasters, the system detects tooth decay for a dentist. Its display lights up bacteria that can lead to cavities.

“If I catch it early then I can do it pain free,” said Dr. Shauna Gilmore, who uses the device at her office in Centennial.

Gilmore says the Spectra finds hidden cavities. Using the system, signs of tooth decay are given numbers. Numbers of 1.5 or greater indicate more serious tooth decay.

“That’s a number that’s going to require a larger restoration,” said Gilmore.

According to Gilmore, most patients are delighted with the device.

“It doesn’t hurt like most tools do,” said young patient Kenzie Squier.

She has been using it for more than two and a half years.

“I have not gotten any false positives,” said Gilmore.

The Spectra is often used along with the Explorer tool and X-rays in order to find the tooth decay in order to treat it.

LINK: drsgilmore.com


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