AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Colorado Department Of Health and Environment is asking the Food And Drug Administration to regulate the electronic cigarette industry.

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity and the health department wants stiffer regulations in hopes to discourage young people from smoking.

Shop owners say they’re doing a good job of policing themselves.

“The only concerns are they’re going to go over the top and give the overall perception that e-cigarettes are bad for your health,” said Monica Vondruska from CIGNOT.

The health department will ask the FDA for stricter guidelines.

One of the issues is the flavoring of the e-cigarettes, which some fear makes them more appealing to young teens.

“Really the biggest concern is that the packaging and the marketing seem to appeal to the younger generation, the kids that are under 18 years of age,” said Dr. Larry Wolk from the Colorado Department of Health.

The FDA currently regulates cigarettes, loose tobacco and smokeless tobacco, but does not regulate e-cigarettes, little cigars or dissolvable tobacco.


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