DENVER (CBS4) – A recent accident has inspired a Colorado lawmaker to advocate making it illegal to falsify drug tests.

Six months after Colorado legalized marijuana a building under demolition in Philadelphia collapsed and killed six people.

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A crane operator who was high on marijuana is under investigation.

Rep. Frank McNulty said he saw it as an omen.

“With legalized pot in Colorado I and many others share a concern that its use is going to be more prevalent and in certain industries co-workers are put at risk because you have people who are smoking pot or doing pot,” said McNulty.

McNulty also said that people are falsifying workplace drug tests.

“We’re trying to get in front of that by making it illegal to circumvent an employer drug test,” said McNulty.

Legislation he’s introduced would make it illegal to falsify a test or help someone do it.

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According to McNulty there’s an entire industry designed to falsify tests.

“The devices they manufacture and fluids they create and pills people can take create a very real problem,” said McNulty.

“This is a solution in search of a problem and big govt. the government should not have an interest in looking at a person’s urine,” said attorney and marijuana advocate Rob Correy.

Correy said that the tests are particularly problematic when it comes to pot.

“A urine test doesn’t differentiate between marijuana used two days ago and marijuana used two weeks ago,” said Correy.

So far neither democrats nor the business community are in support of the legislation.

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If they don’t offer their support, passage will be extremely difficult.