DENVER (CBS4)– The Colorado Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a convenience store, accused of selling a synthetic and potentially deadly drug known as “spice.”

Paymon’s Mini Market located at 11th and Yosemite in Aurora has closed.

When it was still open CBS4 went undercover and was told the store did not sell spice. But upon leaving, undercover producers were approached by a man entering the store where he tried to sell them some.

Attorney General John Suthers said the operators of the store sold 1,200 packages of spice to investigators with deceptive labeling that included statements it was legal and DEA compliant.

“This is such a serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare,” said Suthers. “We’ve had a lot of people going to the emergency rooms in the last year as a result of spice products that we’re going to take it on civilly and we’re going to bring deceptive advertising claims.”

Last year more than 260 people in the Denver metro area were rushed to emergency rooms after becoming sick from spice that was sold at different locations.

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado the thought is that synthetic pot use may go down.

“I wouldn’t any more than I would expect the meth problem to go away or the prescription drug problem to go away,” said Suthers.

Even though Paymon’s Mini Market has closed the operators are facing fines of up to $2,000 for each package of spice that was recovered.


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