HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (AP)– Students are describing what happened inside a classroom that closed SkyView Academy in Highlands Ranch on Tuesday.

Two juveniles were taken into custody after the incident in the high school classroom. They remained in custody on Wednesday on suspicion of possessing, using or removing explosive or incendiary devices.

The classroom wasn’t damaged but Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Hanavan says investigators don’t believe the incident was accidental.

Students returned to class on Wednesday where Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies were patrolling the area.

Sophomore Caitlin Brackett said two sophomore boys in a logic class sparked the evacuation.

“They brought Lithium into the classroom and put water on it and it exploded, I guess,” said Brackett.

Caitlin’s mother, Amy Przygocki, described how the incident was explained to her.

“That is you know, melted through the desk, it got into some kid’s ear, in someone else’s mouth, the teacher’s hand and they were just in a frenzy of not knowing what to do,” said Przygocki.

“It was chaos, everyone was just so scared and crying,” said Caitlin.

Deputies searched a home in Louviers on Wednesday. A neighbor told CBS4 that one teenager who lives at that home attends SkyView Academy.

A crisis team was at the school on Wednesday to help anyone who needed support.

“You don’t want to hear that it’s on purpose or that there was malicious intent. That’s maybe the last thing you want to hear as parents but it’ll get dealt with. We have confidence in the school,” said parent Kathleen Bigler.