DENVER (CBS4) – The Broncos win on Sunday will certain to translate into a win for the Denver economy.

One of the thousands of businesses that is benefiting from the Broncos stellar season and their advance to the AFC Championship Game the apparel store Sportsfan. Sportsfan is an officially licensed NFL gear vendor and has four locations in the Denver metro area.

Jim LaRoche, manager at the 1720 Federal Boulevard location, said they’ve been in business for 25 years. And right now, business is booming.

“Everybody and their brother is trying to get all the merchandise that they can get a hold of for Broncos right now,” LaRoche said.

The rise in Broncos fever isn’t just for gear; the effects can been seen on the streets of Downtown Denver.

“The ridership of our mall shuttles increases with Broncos fans,” Downtown Denver Partnership spokeswoman Jenny Starkey.

Starkey says more fans means more traffic on the 16th Street Mall and more business for downtown.

It all translates to an economic boom for the entire city, with a potentially hefty payout.

“Colorado will get between $20 and $40 million in economic impact,” Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Kelly Brough.

Brough said money spent by football fans on restaurants, hotels and travel all means good things for Denverites.

“It goes on to pay wages. It goes on to help support other businesses. That money is going to continue to turn in our economy because it’s spent here,” she said.

And as Denver inches closer to a possible Super Bowl, it can only get better.

“Give us at least two playoff games and a Super Bowl would be fantastically helpful,” Brough said.

It’s something stores like Sportsfan have seen happen again and again.

“Come back here day on the day of the Super Bowl and we’ll probably have very little Broncos stuff left,” LaRoche said.

For the team, wins of course translate into a boost for ticket sales, but it can also lead to more and better sponsors.


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