DENVER (CBS4) – Three men were stabbed outside Sports Authority Field after a Broncos game last month, now they’ve been told not to come back for at least a year.

Lifelong Broncos fan Mathew DeHerrera, his brother and a friend say a driver nearly hit them while they were leaving a football game.

That was what started an argument the ended with all three of them being hospitalized.

“He basically started rushing people and unfortunately I was one of the first ones that he rushed and I got stabbed,” said DeHerrera.

Now a month later, DeHerrera says he’s trying to get his life back to normal by continuing to go to football games.

However a letter from the stadium informed him he will not be able to use the playoff tickets he’d already bought.

“We got our tickets they paid for and why would they send the letter two days before the game instead of two weeks three weeks before they knew about this incident and I just don’t understand how we could be banned as victims,” said DeHerrera.

The stadium management company said that after speaking with Denver police they decided the best discipline would be to ban all three men from the stadium for one year.

DeHerrera said that before they’re allowed back in the stadium they have to complete anger management classes as well.

“The Broncos were my first step to getting back to a normal life that I’m used to and then to take that away from me was a blow to my chest all over again. It’s like I got stabbed all over again,” said DeHerrera.

In a statement, stadium management said it’s their policy that anyone involved in a violent incident on site is subject to a ban.

DeHerrera said he will work to get the ban reversed.


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