DENVER (CBS4)– There was still a big demand for retail pot in the second day of legal sales in Colorado.

There were long lines of people waiting outside retail pot shops on Thursday, the second day for legalized sales of marijuana.

Stores are allowed, by law, to open at 8 a.m. but the owner of Evergreen Apothecary on Broadway said he had people forming a line before dawn. Some had to wait in line for hours to buy marijuana.

“I was, I was surprised. It was cold and there was a healthy line already at 6:30 this morning,” said Ralph Morgan the co-owner of Evergreen Apothecary.

There’s also a learning curve for customers who are not familiar with the different strains of marijuana. There are also edibles for sale.

That means many customers are browsing before buying which takes a little bit longer.

“We’re going to anticipate this level of activity for the next couple of weeks until we get more centers online,” said Morgan.

People didn’t seem deterred by the long lines. Most believe what’s happening in Colorado is just the beginning.

“I think we are setting an example for other states that the legalization process can actually work,” said one customer.