DENVER (CBS4) – Critic at Large Greg Moody takes a look inside the “Court To Cafe” exhibit, part one of a three part exhibit featuring 300 years of French Art.

“Court To Café” is just one part of the three part exhibit “Passport To Paris,” at the Denver Art Museum.

Visitors are taken through three centuries of French art, high art, fictional art and more.

Works by famous artists including Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Rousseau can be seen.

“It’s the chance we get, so very infrequently, to stand in the presence of genius,” said Moody, “It touches something inside us; our mind, our soul, perhaps our own creativity.”

You can enjoy all three parts of the “Passport to Paris” exhibit on one ticket.

It runs through Feb. 9.

LINK | Buy Tickets At The Denver Art Museum’s Website

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