LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A small animal shelter for cats in Lakewood, “Angels With Paws,” is having trouble staying open.

Dozens of cats find their home at Angels With Paws, a no-kill shelter with limited space.

“It’s a great deal to get a cat here because they’ve been loved, they’ve been fixed, they’ve gotten all of their shots and they’re ready to go to good homes,” said volunteer Sandy Austin.

When the holiday adoption rush wanes, the shelter finds itself with big bills to pay.

“I mean, we’re really kind of living day by day but one of the companies we owe them $200,000 just for medicine,” said shelter Board President Jean Ausenbaugh.

“It’s pretty dire, we have a lot of cats that without funding will have absolutely no place to go,” said volunteer Rebekah Mossman.

The shelter opens its doors to all cats  including those with special needs and higher medical expenses.

Limiting the  number of days they’re open was a first step but without significant fundraising, they could close their doors for good.

“Monday is pay day. It’s going to be hard, we always have to scrape to make paychecks on Mondays,” said Ausenbaugh.

“They’re so many people that come through here just to give love it would be really sad if it closed,” said Austin.

February will mark the 10th anniversary since the shelter first opened its doors.

Donations to Angels With Paws  can be made on the shelter’s website.

LINK | Angels With Paws Website

LINK | Donate To The Shelter


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