BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Some homeowners in Boulder are being told to pay thousands for road repairs they never agreed to. If they don’t pay by Monday they’re going to have liens put on their homes.

On average each home owes about $4,500 on a lien. It totals up to about $73 million in road repairs in Boulder County but some say they’ll fight the costs.

Boulder County claims they have been informing the residents about the repair costs for nine months and to pass a tax hike to fix the streets or the county would find a way to make residents pay.

“Those who benefit from the roads should help pay for it,” said Boulder County Transit Director George Gerstle.

The roads are in varying states of disrepair. The county said it couldn’t wait another full year to convince residents the repairs needed to happen.

When asked why not just go back to the voters next year, Gerstle replied, “It gets more expensive with time. When we’ve looked over the last three years, each year, it costs a three to four percent increase over the cost of the project.”

Not everyone agrees.

“Realistically we don’t believe they’re actually serving the constituents,” said resident Chuck Wibby.

Wibby has joined a group that is suing Boulder County. Residents had 30 days to challenge new liens on their homes but many only found out about it this week.

The deadline is Monday but many can’t put up the money in time to avoid the fees.

“There are a lot of people on fixed incomes that simply can’t afford to pay this,” said Wibby.

A judge will hear the case after January 1 and then decide if it’s appropriate to file an injunction against the county.


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