(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Hundreds of vehicle owners have been told they needed emissions tests when in fact they didn’t.

About 743 vehicle owners were incorrectly told they needed emissions tests. Some of those owners spent hundreds of dollars on repairs for their engines to pass inspections.

One of those owners was Robert Forbes.

“I was surprised. We hadn’t had to do an emissions test in the past,” said Forbes.

Forbes was told the law had changed. He spent $250 on repairs and was ready to replace a computer chip when the emissions tester told him there had been a mistake and he didn’t need the test.

“I don’t understand. I’m not angry. I just do not understand how this could happen,” said Forbes.

Daria Serna with the Department of Revenue said they misinterpreted a new law and sent out 742 notices for emissions tests that weren’t required.

“We are sorry that this has happened,” said Serna.

At $25 a test that’s over $18,000 and doesn’t include repairs to pass inspections.

“The Department of Revenue is prepared to accept responsibility for the misinterpretation of the legislation,” said Serna. “We’re making sure we work individually with those people who did spend money to have changes made.”

The Department of Revenue has promised to reimburse Forbes.

He says when he complained to the Department of Motor Vehicles about all the money he’d wasted on repairs he told them he could have done good with that money. He plans on donating it to the Denver Rescue Mission, Food Bank of The Rockies and Little Sisters of The Poor.


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