(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Northeast Denver is the focus of a multi-million dollar redevelopment project that’s expected to add thousands of new jobs.

Targets include the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods.

Also included is the Brighton Boulevard corridor redevelopment, Interstate 70 reconstruction, RTD station development and the National Western Complex.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock hosted Sen. Mark Udall to discuss plans for a park next to the South Platte River so educators and visitors can explore its history.

However that’s not the only plan in store for the economic development of Denver’s northeast.

A total of $1 billion is already in place to pay for the RTD rail line leading out of downtown Denver.

This could mean more jobs.

So does a Colorado Department of Transportation plan to bury a section of I-70 30 feet underground, build a park over it and reconnect the Swansea neighborhood.

Udall stopped by Swansea Elementary and was told by the mayor that traffic noise would not be loud enough to stop the learning.

“We’re talking about truly transforming the economic landscape of our city,” said Hancock.

Another project involves Brighton Boulevard.

Plans call for adding to existing businesses and developing new ones.

“You take these six major projects, and we’re talking about thousands of jobs, probably as many as ten thousand jobs,” said Hancock.

“Stay tuned, the six projects all have merit. The six projects all overlap,” said Udall.

Getting those six projects going takes millions.

Udall is confident money can be raised.

“But what’s key here is the city is taking the initiative, the business community is involved. We’re going to find the federal, we’re going to find state and we’re going to find local and private dollars,” said Udall.

The mayor described those possible new jobs as being construction and permanent.

He also believes those job figures could swell to 40,000 in the coming decades as Denver rebuilds in the northeast quadrant of the city and develops an “airport city” near Denver International Airport.


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