DENVER (CBS4) – Crews have been out nearly nonstop since Tuesday night clearing roads and highways, and as Colorado gets into Wednesday night and sub-freezing temperatures, things can really get icy and drivers should drive accordingly.

For seven years snow plow operator Fred Ramirez has seen his share of winter storms — each storm with its own unique problems — and this one is no different.

“A lot colder, not much heavy snow, it’s a light snow,” Ramirez said.

It’s the cold weather that has the 100 metro trucks continuing to use mostly solid de-icer.

“Try to plow it all off before night hits again and freezes it all up,” Ramirez said.

“Our crews will continue to be on full snow shift,” Mindy Crane with the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

CDOT says though the snow may not be as strong Wednesday night, ice is still a very real problem.

“We may see some more ice, so it’s still very important to keep those speeds down and give snowplows plenty of room to do their job,” Crane said.

It’s room drivers like Ramirez says keeps everyone on the road safer as they lap nearly 200 miles per shift.

The crews’ 12-hour shifts will continue until the snow has stopped and the roads have cleared.

“Piece of cake; another day in the office,” Ramirez said.

CDOT and Denver Public Works would like to remind drivers that the commute on Thursday morning could be worse that Tuesday.

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    That’s a preview of what could head eastward to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US. Stay Tuned!

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