DENVER (CBS4) – Black Friday is traditionally the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. This year there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so retailers are getting a head start on the season. There are already Christmas commercials on the air, and decorations up. Many stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day.

For all the hype and doorbuster discounts, shopping experts say there are some items that are better left on the shelf on Black Friday. TVs are often deeply discounted for Black Friday, but buyer beware.

“These are more so for the lower-end, third tier manufacturers,” said Mark LoCastro, public relations manager for

Premium name-brand televisions go on sale in January and February, just before the Super Bowl, and shopping experts say that’s the best time to buy them.

“I’ve usually shied away from cameras,” said Austen Carpenter, a Black Friday “Super Shopper”.

DSLR cameras are on the list of what not to buy on Black Friday. The new models of digital cameras come out after the first of the year, so retailers are trying to get rid of older stock.

Also on the list are Christmas decorations, exercise equipment and jewelry. You can get better deals on those items after the first of the year.

Toys are also on the list. Shopping experts at say that Black Friday is not the best time to buy toys. Retailers will drop prices on those closer to Christmas to clear their inventories.

“If you’re a smart shopper, you know what you want to buy and you know where to buy it. That will really help you,” said LoCastro.


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