LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Fliers are popping up in a Loveland community that warn of mountain lion attacks after a rancher lost two goats.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The area, a foothills neighborhood near Carter Lake and not far from Berthoud, seems to be a popular spot for mountain lions to hunt for prey because it is very dark.

Residents say the number of mountain lion attacks just keeps on growing.

“We thought it would be fun to live up in the foothills,” said Matt Gee, who moved into a house in the area this fall. “And we thought ‘Jeez, a mountain lion in the first three weeks that we’re in here, that’s a worst case scenario.’ ”

Gee said he didn’t know mountain lions frequented the area.

“People have been hearing loud growling by their house at night,” he told CBS4.

A Berthoud resident said a mountain lion killed two of her goats in late October, and officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed it.

“Apparently they killed two goats, and it sounds like it was just a couple doors down that they swiped out a horse. They are saying across the valley there there have been multiple kills as well,” Gee said.

Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said mountain lions aren’t uncommon in the foothills. She said that if more people move into the foothills, encounters with wildlife are to be expected.

“If you’re really concerned and scared about having wildlife near your home, put up motion lights, remove any hiding places, make a lot of noise when you come and go from dusk to dawn,” Churchill recommended.

Wildlife officials say it’s very important that residents educate themselves about the kinds of wildlife in the area, and report any wildlife encounters.


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