DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado’s tougher new gun laws have already cost two state lawmakers their jobs and now groups favoring tighter gun control are joining forces on a new campaign.

Members of four organizations and relatives of victims of gun violence created the “Stand Strong Campaign.” It’s a reaction to the recent recall of two state senators and the ongoing effort to recall a third.

The group includes family members of the Aurora theater shooting victims. They say the new gun laws need to stay in place.

“The help for our families has passed. It’s too late now, we can’t shut the barn door, but we have to close the door for more violence,” said Dave Hoover, uncle of a theater shooting victim. “We have to put a stop to this. Our legislators should be applauded, they should not be attacked.”

The organizers say Stand Strong Colorado gives a voice to the majority of Coloradans who do support the gun control laws.


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