DENVER (CB4) – You may notice some changes at the office — your coworkers are getting younger, but change can be a good thing.

Time means aging, but it also means experience if you’re working and experience is valuable when you’re trying to move up in the workforce.

It’s the millennials versus the baby boomers at work, but not in a bad way, just in a competitive way. The presence of millennials — those born between 1980 and 2001 — will jump to 46 percent in seven years.

Millennials will be working alongside baby boomers or generation Xers — those born between 1946 and 1964. While work relations between the younger and the older seems fine, a recent study by The Hartford showed millennials resent some baby boomers for not retiring earlier because it prevents them from getting hired or promoted. While boomers are upset with millenials, seeing them as the “entitlement generation.”

How are better relationships being fostered? Be a good listener. Lending your ear can pay dividends, especially if you’ve run into a problem that your knowledge can’t resolve. Also, don’t perceive seeking advice as an admission of weakness or inexperience. Strike up a mentorship. Your company may have a mentorship program that matches up employees from different generations. Or ask one or two senior coworkers to coffee or lunch. Appreciate the values of baby boomers. Don’t just call them old fashioned. There’s a reason they’ve grown old.

Through these interactions, millennials can get a leg up in terms of the ability to learn about the culture of the company, the ins and outs of the politics that are going on, and general business etiquette.


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