(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – She’s under fire over guns, taxes and what some people call insensitive remarks. Now gun supporters are ramping up their efforts to recall state Sen. Evie Hudak.

Carisa Zglobicki is so driven to recall Hudak she brought her 5-month-old baby to a rally.

“The only thing that drives me to do this is somebody who doesn’t care about the people,” Zglobicki said.

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But over the weekend some volunteers were driven to collect signatures by an even bigger incentive.

“Many of the people here are very upset about the gun control laws that passed in the legislature this year, and so we’re going to give away a weapon that was going to be banned,” said Dudley Brown, CEO of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

That weapon is an AR-15. Volunteers who give eight hours of their time working to recall Hudak will be entered in a drawing to win one. Tom Sullivan held his own sign near recall volunteers because he says the AR-15 is the same weapon James Holmes used to kill his son and 11 others in the Aurora theater shooting.

“My next question is, what’s their second prize on this? Are you going to give them body armor and gas masks so you can completely equip someone for the next mass shooting that we have here? I don’t know why people need that type of stuff,” Sullivan said.

Many were offended when Hudak told a rape survivor a gun wouldn’t have helped her.

This week Hudak shared her side only on CBS4.

“I can tell you that my goal is to protect women and families, and to make the best legislation to do that,” Hudak said.

Time is ticking for volunteers. They have until Dec. 3 to collect 18,900 valid signatures.