DENVER (CBS4) – Too pricey to fly? Drive yourself.

Gas prices are headed down, especially in Colorado. In some places it’s below $3 a gallon.

An Aurora gas is $2.97 at the Sam’s Club on South Aurora Parkway. In Boulder it’s $3.15 at the Everyday station on 13th and Pleasant. In Centennial it’s $3.04 at the Corner Store on East Smoky Hill Road. In Denver it’s under $3 on Briargate Boulevard.

The price has dropped seven weeks in a row and gas in the Denver area is less than the national average of $3.21.

U.S. oil production grew in October to its highest level since March of 1989, according to Bloomberg.

Industry watchers say demand for gas will drop in the coming years thanks in part to more fuel-efficient and electric cars. Thank less demand, more supply and a seasonal shift to cheaper winter blends for the falling prices.

LINK: Pump Patrol


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