(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Kathy Gietl is a Denver Filipino woman donating money to help those affected by the deadly typhoon that hit the Philippines last week.

Gietl is the owner of the “A Taste of The Philippines” food truck. She is cooking traditional Filipino food and donating some of the proceeds to help not just her uncle but the greater community there.

Her uncle lost this house but she was relieved to find out that all of her family in her native country survived the disaster.

“I heard from my dad yesterday through facebook email. He said he’s fine, but my uncle on the other hand is living in a shelter right now,” said Gietl

However she knows that others have not been so lucky.

“The concern is the communication right now there’s no way to get in touch with them,” said a customer.

So far the response from the local Filipino community has been great.

“A lot of the Filipino community and friends of friends we’ve all pretty much united,” said Gietl

Gietl’s food truck is on the Sixteenth Street Mall at Stout Street. She’ll be donating to the Philippine relief effort through November.