AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – An Aurora attorney is working to save the life of a dog that attacked another dog while it was in the middle of a cross country trip to become an Army veteran’s service animal.

On Oct. 26 Stallone, a pit bull mix, attacked a dachshund at an Aurora dog park. Pit bulls are illegal in the city of Aurora and Stallone has been impounded ever since where he awaits his fate.

“Don’t let him die because someone made a stupid error in judgment,” said attorney Juliet Piccone, who believes that the dog’s terrible life is to blame.

Stallone was stolen from his family in Arizona. The thieves then filed down his teeth, hobbled his legs and forced him into the fighting ring as bait. When they had no more use for the dog they threw him from a car.

“He was left to die in the desert. Shot in the back, bloody,” said Piccone.

Some bikers found the dog barely alive. The story attracted the attention of veteran Army captain Freddie Katz in New Jersey, who adopted Stallone to help with his PTSD.

Stallone was on his way from Arizona to New Jersey when the attack took place. His driver had stopped to let the dog stretch his legs at the dog park.

“(It was a) big mistake. Stallone, as far as we know, thinks he’s about to be thrown in the fighting ring again, it’s a very similar environment,“ said Piccone.

The attacked dachshund is expected to be OK. Its owners have written a letter asking the judge to spare Stallone’s life.

A judge will decide Stallone’s fate on Friday.