DENVER (CBS4)– The father of a young man believed to be shot and killed for his pizza delivery uniform reacted with anger to the plea given by the woman who bought the gun.

Stevie Marie Vigil pleaded guilty on Tuesday to transferring a firearm to Evan Ebel, the lone suspect in the March 19 slaying of corrections chief Tom Clements and the killing of computer technician and pizza deliveryman Nathan Leon two days earlier.

When asked shy she changed her plea her attorney Daniel Smith replied, “I can’t answer that. Client-attorney privileges.”

Leon’s father talked with CBS4 after the hearing.

“She knew that Evan Ebel was a convicted felon, a violent person, yet she gave him the gun anyway,” said Leon’s father John Leon.

Even though there’s no plea deal, a guilty plea could help Vigil, 22, receive a lighter sentence when she goes before a judge for sentencing on Jan. 16. She faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Vigil’s attorney estimates a one to three-and-a-half-year sentence based on federal sentencing guidelines.

“My calculation is less than what the government says,” said Smith.

He believes it will be that low based on the fact that Vigil does not have a criminal history.

“Do you have to have a record to commit something really heinous? And does that take into account that you know full well what you are doing gets people killed?” said John.