COAL CREEK CANYON, Colo. (CBS4)– Coal Creek Canyon was hard hit by last month’s deadly flooding that ripped through Colorado. Gov. John Hickenlooper toured the damage on Friday for the first time.

Hickenlooper said although Coal Creek Canyon wasn’t as populated as other canyons in the foothills along the Front Range, the area sustained just as much damage as others.

He credited the state’s emergency response teams as the reason for why the roads like Highway 72 already have been repaired. That highway may be open before the state’s self-imposed Dec. 1 deadline.

“Coal Creek was kind of on the edge of the worst flooding but it doesn’t mean that the people who were displaced from their homes and significant damage to their homes. To them it’s as bad as any disaster they’ve ever seen,” said Hickenlooper.

The governor then traveled to Clear Creek County and an area called Beaver Brook Canyon. That area sustained significant damage because all the roads destroyed were private.

Because those are not public roads the state was kept from helping those residents but FEMA aid was able to help.

Repairs to those private roads is underway and one main road is completely repaired thanks to three tons of earth filling in the gaping holes.

“To be honest I’m amazed at how much is done. I see places either private roads or public roads where there is access and people are getting back into their homes,” said Hickenlooper.

Clear Creek County Commissioners mentioned that while there may not have been significant property damage the community did lose a beloved member when he was swept away and killed by the rushing water.


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