DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Public Works has a snow removal plan in place for Thursday night into Friday morning even though Denver is only expected to get about one inch of snow.

This year road crews aren’t only thinking about clearing the roads for vehicles but also bicyclists. Denver is a multi-modal city with cyclists hitting the streets year round.

Denver Public Works wants to make sure they have a safe commute and will clear bike lanes as part of the snow removal plan.

Many bike lanes are already part of regular plan routes but this season crews will make an effort to ensure snow is cleared all the way to the curb.

However crews may not be able to do so in storms that bring heavy snow to the area.

Cyclists are also encouraged to have a different route or a backup mode of transportation. They’re also urged to winterize their bikes which means having the right tires.

“With a bigger tire you have more braking surface, a bigger footprint. Imagine snowshoes versus ice skates,” said Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop owner Scott Taylor.

“Our plow drivers will keep an eye out for bikes on the roadway but please remember that visibility is always limited and this goes for vehicle traffic as well bicyclists,” said Denver Public Works Director Kelly Duffy.

Public Works announced these preferred bicycle routes for riding during snow season:

  • Northwest: Take 46th Avenue to Tejon Street, which turns into 16th Street, enter South Platte Trail from the pedestrian/bicycle bridge over I-25.
  • West: Take 17th Avenue eastbound around Sports Authority Field at Mile High to access the South Platte Trail.
  • Southwest: Take West Florida Avenue eastbound to the South Platte Trail.
  • East: Take Martin Luther King Boulevard southwest to Stout or Champa Streets.
  • Central: Take 16th Avenue westbound into Downtown.
  • Southeast: Take local roads to access the Cherry Creek Trail.

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