DENVER (CBS4) – A couple from Morrison came under attack while driving their SUV in Denver Saturday night.

The husband and wife, who didn’t want to be identified out of fear, said they were fortunate that their children weren’t with them when their vehicle was riddled with bullets.

The man told CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll they were in Denver on their date night. He said passengers in two cars opened fire on them as they were driving home from a haunted house called the 13th Floor.

The incident happened near 20th and Market Street in LoDo, but the victims and police don’t think it was a case of road rage.

Damage from bullets being fire into the SUV (credit: CBS)

Damage from bullets being fire into the SUV (credit: CBS)

“We got hit on the back side,” the victim said. “We believe a few shots came through this window as well as on the left driver’s side rear.”

There are numerous bullet holes and broken glass throughout the SUV. The man said he is frightened for his wife, children and himself.

“This is where they attempted ramming us,” the man said as he showed McCarroll damage to the SUV.

He said it happened as he and his wife were trying to get onto the freeway ramp at 20th Street.

“We didn’t have any altercation until we came to 20th and Market where we were stuck in between two vehicles,” the man said. “They had made some comments in profanity to my wife, and of course I responded, saying something back.”

He said two cars full of teens rammed the back of his car, pinned him in and then opened fire.

“I don’t know at this point how many shots, but a good seven to eight shots had been fired.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

He said he stepped on the gas and got away but is still in disbelief as he found more bullet holes and bullets in his SUV.

The victim described the cars as two red Honda Civics.

Denver police said they are asking the public to call them if they saw anything in LoDo Saturday night that could help with the investigation. There’s no word on whether the suspects were gang members.

“We’ll look for physical evidence that might have been left behind in his vehicle as well as videocameras in the area,” Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.